Save Your Color

Hair color is incredible - it can completely change your appearance. You can make a statement, cover grays, look younger, and even brighten your complexion. But one big question remains: “What can I do to make my color last longer?”

The answer may be easier than you think. Most of the work to keep your color looking better and longer is done at home! Especially when it comes to today’s fashionable colors ranging from the silver/metallic shades to the subtle pastels, the work we do together at the salon is just the beginning.

Here are some of  Modern Barber best tips and tricks for at-home care that will help you get the most out of your incredible new professional color:

  1. Turn down the temperature - This goes for showers/baths and heat styling tools (blowdryer and irons). Heat opens the cuticle leaving your color at the mercy of everything outside of that protective outer layer, and you spent too much time and money at the salon for that! Tepid water is best for washing, and keeping heat under 375 degrees on tools will make a huge difference for keeping your color gorgeous.

  2. Wash as little as possible - If you can go 2 or more days between washings, your color will stay vibrant longer! We recommend AG’s Dry Shampoo to nix greasy roots and add volume. AG has clear and colored dry shampoo shades for every hair color.

  3. Use a heat protectant before the irons touch your hair - We suggest a quick touch of AG’s Reflect before using flat irons and curling irons. Not only does it speed up drying time, it protects and adds shine. This means less damage long term, which is especially important if you have long hair or are growing your hair out.

  4. Use the appropriate shampoos and conditioners - Color safe shampoos and conditioners are specially formulated to keep your color vibrant longer. Modern Barber has sought out some of the best products on the market. We recommend the wonderful AG Hair Cosmetics line that contains no salts, parabens or anything else that will strip or dull your chosen hue.

  5. If you lighten your hair, baby it - If your stylist lightens your hair, ask for Olaplex to be added to the formulation (Modern Barber uses this in all their lightening formulations!). Olaplex protects hair from damage and gives gorgeous results. Additionally, a deep conditioning treatment once or twice a week will keep your texture soft and shiny. Use a rich conditioner like AG’s Reconstruct with keratin on towel dried hair concentrating on mid-shaft to ends only, wrap in plastic wrap or a shower cap, blast the outside with your dryer and leave on for 10-15 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with tepid water.

  6. Use a color depositing/toning products for maintenance - AG’s Silver Shampoo will keep your cool blonde looking icy. For other colors, talk to your stylist. We can formulate a conditioner for you using the same demi colors they toned your hair combined with any conditioner on the shelf. Note: This trick isn’t applicable for color that requires a developer - talk to your colorist!

  7. Don’t cheat - Box color can be tempting in a pinch, but we’ve all see those countless occasions that cause issues for you at home and lead to more problems for your professional colorist later! The truth is the box dyes cost so much less because they contain cheaper ingredients. The way the color adhere to hair is more damaging and leads to *permanent* results. That means the some pigments of the artificial color will remain in your hair until it is cut out. This type of invasive color application will forever affect the texture and color of your hair, and that includes any color you might want to put over it! So skip the quick fix, even if you’re in a pinch.

And don’t forget: When in doubt, call your stylist! We are happy to answer your questions and provide suggestions to help bridge the time before your next salon session.

Andy Wrighthair care, color